QUICKPICKLE Trailer Park Boys


Firstly my heartiest apologies for readers, and the dear team of Picklepants for my absurdly late review. I realise that my lateness both last week and this week, has made appear to be about as reliable as a suspension bridge made entirely of pizza crusts. The reason has of course been the treacherous scourge known as assignments, as well as the fact that last Wednesday, I was out at sea. Regardless, it is now business as usual!


“It’s similar to Derek, only with guns, trailers, and alcoholics in positions of questionable authority.”


As many will know, Ricky Gervais’ superb comedy “Derek” graced our screens yesterday with its series 3 debut. So to keep up the mockumentary style comedy for this week, I decided to see what America had to offer in such a field. It was here I discovered “Trailer Park Boys.”


At the moment I haven’t finished watching all seven seasons, so for now I can only really do a Quickpickle review of the first two seasons. TPB is a Canadian documentary comedy very similar in style to “Derek.” It focuses on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The episodes centre on protagonists Ricky, Julius and Bubbles, as they try to make money through various petty crimes. The crimes predominantly end in a complete cock-up (including one scenario during an armed robbery when they end up shooting each other instead of robbing the clerk.) Nevertheless, one quick look in their swag bag shows that they haven’t run off with money, but a bumper pack of crisps. Along with the bunch of misfits lies a vindictive trailer park supervisor named Jim Lahey, and his topless sidekick Randy (who refuses to wear a shirt.) Together the duo try by any means possible to throw a spanner into the works for Ricky and his gang.


As far as any mockumentary goes, this is definitely worth a watch. Episodes are varied and almost impossible to predict, with each episode loaded with memorable moments as the gang stop at nothing to make ends meet. As you watch your way through Tralier Park Boys, you’ll witness the team trying to make a homemade porno, change road names to divert cops from stealing their weed den, and high-speed pursuits ending in disaster due to a kitten. Whilst it may not focus so much on the emotional side of society as Gervais does, it safe to say It’s similar to Derek, only with guns, trailers, and alcoholics in positions of questionable authority.




Whilst it’s early doors to say whether or not it gives Derek a run for its money, it most certainly shares a similar style (with more swearing and fights.) Trailer Parks Boys so far I have found to be a hilarious, unhinged, unpredictable comedy which I am eager to see much more of, and I can only recommend you check out.