Broforce: Testosterone Fueled Carnage!



Previously I have spoken about early-access games and one in particular I highlighted was Broforce. Finally I got my hands on the game and after playing for even just a few minutes I was hooked and just had to share my thoughts with other people. This game is some sort of potion of awesome with dashes of humour and charm but with a whole heap of napalm and adrenalin!


The game itself plays out like your conventional platformer, going from left to right (mostly) and has incredibly tight controls which a game like this so desperately needs so that when you die you have no one to blame but yourself. The action element is where the gameplay shines with each bro playing differently which adds a sense of strategy into the run and gun shoot-em-up, Enemies are varied and progressively change as the campaign (which isn’t complete at the time of this article) moves forward. Boss fights are fun and help give you that feeling of accomplishment at the end of stages as well as force you to really use your experience with all the different bros to beat them as some can only be killed in certain ways.


I love this art style! I have always been a fan of pixel art and games that do it well just make me melt inside. This game evaporates me. The characters are distinct and easy to recognise which is a feat in itself but coupled with the different environments and enemies it just makes it seem that much more cared for. Oh and speaking of environments, they are fully destructible! At first it seems funny but again its these little details that add depth to the game. It allows you to create your own path through the levels but on the flipside it can also become your downfall if you abuse it too much to the point where there is no floor left to stand on. The stages themselves get harder as the game moves forward so their isn’t some massive jump in difficulty nor is this game a cake-walk it finds a nice balance and if you can’t beat a level it doesn’t dumb it down or take it easy it just sits back and lets you keep repeating till you get it. Same with multiplayer and single player. Playing with friends while much more fun and enjoyable also can make the game easier as each level has the same amount of enemies as if you played single player. Not to say single player isn’t fun, far from it, it’s a great way to get to know the game and really progress and see what the game has to offer. I would say multiplayer = funnier not anymore fun.

Now for the part that makes this game what it is. The bros. The care and detail that has gone into every single sprite and character move set really blows your mind, especially when they are always updating the game with new bros, heck even while preparing this article an update came out adding another two more! Each character feels different and unique and really impact how you play the game. Each character is balanced well almost right off the bat which is excellent for when the game is updated because the new characters just slot right in there with the others you’ve collected. The addition of female bros will be seen by some as funny and as others by pleasing a demographic but I really don’t think that the case. Each bro has been designed specifically from the ground up, they will have been chosen not just for how recognisable a character they are but for their strengths and weaknesses and how they can add something new to the game.

This game is currently on a weekend sale on steam for £7.99 but if you go to you can get it on sale for £5.99 and help charitable organizations at the same time and even when not on sale is cheaper than on steam normally. I can’t stress enough how much love I have for this game and could go on for hours ranting about it but instead I will just say go and get it and you will understand.

Im not going to give the game a rating as It isn’t actually finished but even if it were even in its current state It would get at least a 7/10. My prediction for when it finally releases will be more like 9/10.


Thank you for reading!



Raid 2: Review




Directed by Gareth Evans


“If you like a film with action and serious ass kicking, you’ve come to the right place.”


Apologies for the delayed review, but I thought it best to wait, and watch Gareth Evans’s heart pounding “Raid” sequel at my local cinema.


For those who have seen the first Raid film will already know of the Indonesian martial arts action film. The first thing to mind will be the close quarters, corridor to corridor, adrenaline filled chaos. And this is by no means diluted in the sequel. In short, if you like a film with action and serious ass kicking, you’ve come to the right place.


Whereas the first film had great fights and martial art scenes in it, the actual story fell somewhat short and ended up being a chuck away sideline. It acted as just an excuse to grab a high-powered rifle and shoot some people in the face. This issue has definitely been addressed within the majority of Raid 2. The story is set in the aftermath of the first film, with our favourite win chun expert “Rama” being sent undercover, to find and root out both criminals and corrupt police officers working with the biggest crime lords In the city. Throughout, there is deception, betrayal, hardship and more blood spraying out of people than you can shake a stick at. Whilst there is much more of a story arc present thus addressing the issues in the first film, there are still issues. At numerous points when watching I did find myself scratching my head wondering what on earth was going on as new characters seem to just appear from nowhere, hell bent on killing random people in the film. For the most however, these confusions iron out and become clear as the film progresses towards the final grand conflict. Even so, a few confusions are still apparent for some way into the movie, as they reintroduce people from the first films that were killed, but they play different characters in the sequel. Consequently it does take a good few minutes to adjust, but this has probably happened, as there aren’t a great deal many actors with black belts and first dans at Hollywood’s disposal. Doubts are also cast over the films rather abrupt ending.


But now for why you would choose to see the film in the first place, the action. And oh my God it’s good. The combat in the whole film is fluid and tangible. The hand to hand is awesome, and the gore is fruitfully satisfying and abundant. Put it this way, if you are a woman who is turned on by men fighting and destroying everything in their path, then this flick will send your flaps into overdrive. All the key stars in the film are martial art experts in real life, who put on a great show, especially when they fight each other. Many scenes have that moment where you scrunch your face and go “Awww” because the action on screen is just so stylish. The whole movie is much slicker than the first, and whilst the pace is slower in this film, you never find yourself getting bored and clock watching. The sequel branches out featuring car chases, high-octane gun fights as well as the franchises signature machete and knife conflicts.



You wouldn’t want to get in the way of these two!



Whilst there are still issues with story, the plot is much better developed than its predecessor. But for bloody hell sake, see the fights and action in Raid 2. It is likely to be the best this year.




– Luke H