The Crew

Joseph Johnstone: Why hello there! My name Is Joe (Or Joseph whichever you prefer), I come from a little town in the heart of Wiltshire called Corsham. I enjoy a bit of everything and have dipped my finger in many a pie (wow that sounded creepy) but have to say that I am a huge fan of shows such as Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Suits and Sherlock as well as an avid football fan. I am also the resident gamer and enjoy a wide array of games but aim to try and inform and keep you updated with the growing indie game scene as well as the occasional big release from time to time. Oh and I’m a rather big anime fan so don’t be shocked if (on the odd occasion) you see me ranting about that. I will typically post on Sundays either in written form or by that of a video over at our YouTube channel. If you have any queries or suggestions don’t be afraid to contact me at

Megan Fleming: Hey! Hi. Cool. Okay. I’m Meg, studying Creative Writing at the University of Winchester, England. I’m from the North-East of England, with half of my family from Glasgow and the other half from Canada, so don’t let me drink and don’t let me near hockey gear. I’ve studied Media, Classical Civilizations and Sociology at City of Sunderland College A-Level, and I adore books, writing and reading in pretty much every form, as well as plenty of gaming. I’ll be updating on Mondays!

Luke Hall:  Hello! I too am studying Creative Writing at Winchester University. I’m from Dorset in Southern England (that’s the small bit stuck to the bottom of the country.) It’s a wonderful place, where the pubs are numerous, the cider is clean, and the sex is dirty! I studied A-Level English Literature and Language with a dabble of Law and Politics thrown in. I’m also the son of a sculptor who creates works of art predominantly featuring  fruit and genitalia (its amazing I’m as well adjusted as I am!) With a passion for films and books, this old warhorse will most likely post on Wednesdays.

Steph Kyriacou: Creative Writing student. once again! From London, and I love a good curry. Obsessed with a myriad of shows, namely Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, and basically anything else that peaks my interest. In college, I studied Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology – all of which have nothing to do with Creative Writing, I know – BUT they did help me get a good grasp on writing for extended periods of time, which is of course very helpful to me now. Yay! Oh, and I’ll be attempting to upload something new every Thursday, at some point.

Stuart Wood: Hi everyone! I’m an English Literature and Language student at Leeds University, originally from good old Wiltshire, who spends an obscene amount of time listening to and writing about music. Also obsessed with film and games when I can find the time for it, so expect a little bit of that, and whole lot of good music recommendations. Tidy.


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