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Absence makes the heart grow fonder (or at least more accepting of abandonment)

Picklepants cuppa1Hello there! I know I bet you never thought you’d have another update from little old us! All the apologies in the world would not suffice for such a long absence but know that I am truly sorry that you have had such a drought of our amazingly witty, insightful and entertaining writing.

What’s that?

You didn’t even notice?


I mean I appreciate the honesty but still.

Well fuck it! I can’t stay mad at you. I will work harder than ever so that things like this never happen again. Mark it in your calendars! 2015 is now THE YEAR OF THE PICKLE! (Don’t worry that’s just a working title.) Aaaaaanyway, this site may start to seem a bit different but please never fret we will still aim to bring you great reviews and discussions but now just in a more accessible way. You may even see more rants here and there. And I don’t mean little shy annoyances but fully fledged rampages!

So without further ado I welcome you to PicklePants. Come in, leave your shoes by the door and I’ll pop the kettle on.


The Book Of Mormon – Bit of a change from Frozen!

Hello everyone! I apologise from the deepest recesses of my being to all of you for not uploading in an absurd amount of time. I’m not going to make excuses because I doubt you care so in the immortal words of the pythons lets “GET ON WITH IT!”.


Recently I had the displeasure of growing another year older. I’m sure you’ve all been there. And like most years I received presents. This year though I got a present that was indeed rather special, you see for those of you who don’t know I am a massive South Park fan. Actually probably more like a massive Matt Stone and Trey Parker fan and ever since I heard about their spectacular new musical titled “The Book Of Mormon” I have been wanting to see it more than anything else. The dilemma I faced though was at first it was only in America and then once it moved to the U.K. It was a bit out my price range, mainly because it is only shown in a single theatre in London. Now for some reason the greater powers have seen fit to bestow me with an incredibly generous girlfriend that knew this. So yeah, if you haven’t guessed it yet, we went to see The Book Of Mormon. I mean seriously if you had trouble seeing that one coming you should probably get help. We’re worried for you.

Now just to say that I was going into this thing with high expectations would be an understatement. I purposely distanced myself from anything that might give the game away or tell me just that little bit too much about what happens in the show so that when I got to finally see it I would have no anticipation of what was to come and could really experience it all for the first time. One thing that really took me by surprise though was the level of showmanship and presentation. It’s well known that Trey and Matt are perfectionists and are always totally hands on with their work but I honestly didn’t think that would be so clear on the stage. And talking of the stage boy do they use it! This isn’t the type of show that would translate to the screen or really any other art form for that matter and that just is a testament to the care that went into crafting it. I mean why make a stage show if you’re not going to the use the stage to its full advantage?

The music and songs are catchy and cleaver and like with most of their humour sometimes outrageous. They have this skill of taking something really witty and blending it with the most childish things to really help deliver the jokes. It’s very pythonesque in that respect. The songs themselves are expertly written by Trey and Robert “Bobby” Lopez, The writer and director of the other comedy musical Avenue Q and who more recently had critical acclaim when him and his wife wrote the music for Disney’s very own Frozen. Yep that’s right, Frozen. What’s more is that they manage to catch you off guard with a lot of the show and I don’t just mean the humour. The characters are all really well portrayed and excellently crafted and you genuinely feel an emotional attachment to them.  There is a level of emotion that you really don’t expect when going into the show. Everyone feels believable and real which then in turn makes the funnier parts even more so. Anyone here that has seen the South Park Movie though will already be aware of the skill with song lyrics and music of Trey and Matt but are thinking what about dance numbers? Well have no fear, some of the dance numbers in this show are some of the best I have seen and again they work the dancing into the joke or scene. Every movement is done for a reason, which it is evident, and like with the use of the stage they use the dancing to great effect.

In terms of Story I will give you a brief synopsis as I really don’t want to give anything away. It’s about two Mormon teenagers that get sent to Uganda for their Mission. Chaos ensues. The main characters Elder Price and Elder Cunningham are phenomenal. A.J. Holmes really shone as Elder Cunningham and was quite honestly a revelation and I am shocked that I had never heard of him before this musical. Just to clarify as well that I am of course referring to the British version of the cast  as that is the one that I watched. All of the actors in the show were very good at personifying their respective characters but one other that really stood out was the character of Elder McKinley played expertly by Stephen Ashfield. Again Stephen just brought a certain presence to the character whenever he was on stage and although wasn’t in the show a massive amount still managed to make his parts really memorable.

If you are a fan of comedy, musicals or even just Mormons then this is the show for you! what’s even better is that because of the theatre that the show resides in I can say to you that there aren’t really any bad seats. You are able to see the entire stage comfortably from wherever you are so don’t worry if you can’t necessarily afford the most expensive seats .

A.J. Holmes as Elder Cunnigham

A.J. Holmes as Elder Cunnigham

Tickets start from £39.75 and are on sale online and from ticket offices, The show is preformed at The Prince Of Wales Theatre in London.


10/10 Must watch!



And Now For Something Completely Different

Okay, so do you how when you’re in school/uni/work and you always know the day because of it, then you get some time off and you have absolutely no clue about the date or day or anything? Well that happened to me. I only realised I’d missed last Monday because a friend asked me where my review was, and I looked at her and replied, “What? It’s only Sunday. It’s not due until tomorrow!” and she said, “Uhh, Meg. It’s Wednesday.” and that is how I apparently lost a few days somewhere. This week’s post is late just because I slept far too much yesterday. No excuses.

Aaaanyway… instead of a review or a rant this week, I’m throwing up something a little different. Anyone who has read our ‘about’ page will know all of use here at Picklepants are Creative Writing students, so I thought I’d cater a little bit to fellow writers this week, or to those of you who want to know a bit more about the process. In amongst my many hundreds of Internet bookmarks for gaming things, books, movies, TV shows etc., I have plenty of writing resources scattered around, and they’ve all been great helps to me at different points. So I’m going to list some of them here in the hopes that they’ll be as useful and interesting to you lovelies!


General Tips and Tricks, Advice and Guides

For All Your Nefarious Plotting Needs (Disclaimer: Probably not so great for world-domination plots)

Get Some Character in that Character

Use Your Words, Friend

Some Other Stuff!


Phew! And that’s only some of them. I hope it’s a helpful collection, or interesting at least. If you guys have any more suggestions or tips of your own, just mention and link them in the comments below and I’ll throw ’em up here. Happy Writing!

– Meg

Woo the Woman of Your Dreams in this latest PICKLE REVIEW.










I must once again apologise for being a steaming turd of a man and being yet another week late with a review. However I have recently been fed a ginormous s**t sandwich, with the main filling being a healthy dose of betrayal at the hands of none other than wretched estate agents. I may not have a home so forgive me if I stain this webpage in tears.


Nevertheless I think that’s enough whining from me, and so it is time to move onto something more light-hearted and bit out of the ordinary. Here at Picklepants, we have tackled the addictive world of video games, the intoxicating wonders of the written word, and the delightful land of TV and film. But today Picklepants is jumping into the new territory of night attire!


Have you ever looked at your evening loungewear and thought that it needed more swish and razzmatazz? Perhaps you spent the evening wooing a lovely woman whose path you crossed by way an affectionate gaze across the bar, (who for some reason is usually always called Sarah.) Perhaps you’ve sealed the deal and convinced said love interest to take a tour of you bachelor abode. The smooth jazz in on, and you’ve half finished the bottle of Château Neuf Du Pape. You deduce that now is the time to “slip into something more comfortable” when OH NO! Horror of horrors you remember that your normal PJs are not up to scratch. They wont impress, they wont stand up to the ambiance of the evening. As you stare helplessly at your Mr Men Pyjama bottoms you wish that somewhere, there was a pyjama of class, sophistication and razzmatazz for under £1000. You yearn for no such gap in the market. Well people of Earth, I am glad to say that gap has been filled, with the release of the gentlemen’s Suitjama.


For those not in the know, suitjamas are (put simply) a suit that you can wear to bed. They’re smart, swish and breathable and even come with a tie. I have recently become the proud owner of a pair of such pyjamas and I have to say, you’ll be hard pressed to find more comfort elsewhere in this price range.


You can order a pair of suitjamas from the website for $99.95 (£58.86) but BEWARE shoppers from the UK. When I ordered mine Mr Cameron decided that he wanted to get his grubby mitts on some of the cash in my wallet, and so sneakily put an import tax on them of £20.00. I was not a happy hippo to say the least. Regardless, I paid my import tax and hastily went home to try the bad boy PJs on. It comes in a complete package containing a pair of trousers and jacket made of silk Saturn and cotton, with the lining being polyester. Included was also a silk shirt and tie, so you get a pretty complete package.


Upon putting the clothes on you immediately notice how light and breathable they are. There is plenty of room for manoeuvre and (provided you pick the right size) there is no danger of you cheese wiring your manhood in the night. I was amazed by how smooth and comfortable they were, you could easily just bomb about the house in them on lazy Sundays all day in comfort.


Throughout my evenings in them I have only come across two slight issues. The first is that although the suitjamas are breathable, in extremely hot and humid conditions you might need to take the jacket off to ensure you don’t get too hot when sleeping. The other is that although there are two buttons on the jacket you can only do one of them up.


The site itself offers the discerning gent a range of colours. I myself went for the black pinstripe and haven’t looked back!


The answer to an evenings night attired wooing is here! I’m expecting the likes of Eva Green, Natalie Portman and Sophia Vergara here any moment now!




Light, amazingly comfortable, and act as that much needed swish to your PJ collection. Just be cautious on those amazingly hot evenings.