One Finger Death Punch – Review!

2014-05-05_00001This game is simply brilliant mainly due to it being brilliantly simple. All you need is a mouse, the only buttons you press are the left and right mouse buttons. That’s it. However this allows the game to be so much more than if they had decided to give you long lists of button combos, It’s enjoyable and accessible to pretty much anyone.

Ready to fight?

Ready to fight?

The game itself is a kung-fu beat em’ up type game with stickmen as the characters reminiscent of old flash animations. The game itself isn’t a button masher as you might think and actually penalises you for doing so, instead it slowly introduces new enemies that require different order combinations of the same 2 buttons you’ve been using the whole time. Honestly when I bought this game I never would of imagined how dynamic the fighting actually is whether it’s a different level type of new enemies this game keeps you engaged. What they have done with the difficulty is quite frankly genius I think and I would love to see it incorporated in all games that involve any form of fighting. It take the stats from how you play and works out your skill level and then adjusts the enemy speed and difficulty of the level accordingly, in other words the better you do the harder it gets. This makes for really balanced gameplay as there are no crazy difficulty spikes but every level does poses a challenge.

Mortal Kombat eat your heart out.

Mortal Kombat eat your heart out.

For £3.99 on PC this game is also a bargain! It s great bit of fun especially if you need something you can play for a few minutes while you take a break from revision or work that will give you a real sense of enjoyment. I honour of such a simple game I’ll keep this review simple also. One finger death punch gets a 7/10 and a 10/10 for value!




– Joe


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